Host Hotel Information

InterContinental San Francisco
888 Howard Street, San Francisco, California 94103
Contact: 1-415-616-6500 | Fax: 1-415-616-6581

Special Rate for ISIHP2017 attendees: $349/night
Cut-off date: 9/27/17 or once room block is filled

Complimentary Wi-Fi in sleeping rooms
Complimentary access to the fitness center and lap pool

Host Hotel Reservations

Reserve Online
Book your room at the ISIHP2017 special rate online by clicking here

Reserve by Phone
You may also call the hotel directly to make your reservations.
Telephone: 415-616-6500
Please reference "International Symposium on Incisional Hernia Prevention" and group code: coming soon!

Where to Eat... What to Do... Where to Shop...

Visit San Francisco Travel for more details


Bay Area Trip Planner
Real-time transit trip planner that offers driving info (directions, traffic updates, tolls), various transit agencies and routes, bicycle routes, parking garage info (availability, hours, pricing) and commuter ridesharing pickup/dropoff locations and hours.

Transportation from SFO to Downtown SF (13 miles/21 km)

  • BART = $8.25
  • Taxi = $40
  • Uber or Lyft = $30
  • Car Rental = $120 per day (includes parking)

A car rental is not recommended because of the expensive cost and mental taxation of driving and parking in the city. The average cost per day for an economical car is $60, plus $4 per gallon of gas, and $50 for all day and overnight parking at most hotels or garages.

BART is the fastest and most inexpensive way to get from the airport directly into downtown SF: 30 minutes and $8.25 one-way. Within the Bay Area, there are multiple 24 hour taxicab service, private On-Demand Car Services/Rideshare by Mobile-Phone Apps; and within the city of San Francisco (does not include SFO-Downtown), there over 100 bus/rail lines in the public transportation system.

Bay Area Rapid Transist (BART): Economical Transportation From SFO to Downtown SF

The BART station at SFO is located in the International Terminal.

International Passengers: Turn right when leaving customs, walk to escalator and go up to the departures level. Walk straight ahead and turn left at the art exhibit and you'll see the station entrance.

Domestic Passengers: A short walk from United Airlines Terminal 3. From Terminal 1 walk 7 minutes or take the free AirTrain Red Line train. Take the escalator down to BART station.

Getting to Downtown San Francisco
Board the Pittsburg/Bay Point train and exit the Bart Stations closest to your hotel.

  • Powell Street: Grand Hyatt (not Hyatt Embarcadero), Nikko, Westin St. Francis (not Westin SF Market Street), Hilton, Intercontinental, and Parc 55.
  • Montgomery Street: W Hotel, Westin SF Market Street (on 3rd Street), and The Palace Hotel.
  • Embarcadero (last SF stop): Hyatt Embarcadero (not Hyatt Regency)


Getting back to San Francisco International Airport
Only take the SFO-bound train from any downtown BART station.
Domestic Flights: Take AirTrain Red Line to Terminal 1, 2 or 3 (7 min walk).
International Flights: International check-in counters are directly across from BART station's main entrance.

BART Airport Service Schedule
M-F: 4:00 am to 11:45 pm
Sat: 6:00 am to 11:45 pm
Sun: 8:00 am to 11:45 pm

Please make alternative airport travel plans if this schedule conflicts with early morning weekend flights.


Keep it on your lap and within your control at all times.


24 hour travel from SFO to downtown. Fares start at $3.30 + $2.25 per mile + 10% tip. Cabs are easiest to hail along downtown streets; most hotels will have a taxi line. Credit cards are accepted but ask before getting into the cab, may have a foreign currency exchange rate charge.

24-hour dispatches:

Arrow Taxicab 

Delta Cab 

Luxor Cab Wheelchair accessible

Yellow Cab includes Hybrid
415-333-3333 or 415-282-3737

Green Cab Hybrid, fuel-efficient vehicles

Comfort Cab 7 passenger vans

On-Demand Car Service by iPhone/Android Apps.

Uber and Lyft are private SF-based Transportation Network companies facilitating mobile-phone application ridesharing. It may be 30% less than the price of a traditional cab ride (depending on time of day and type of car). They claim their safety precautions are more stringent than taxi or limousine companies. All drivers are thoroughly screened; there is a zero tolerance for criminal and drug/alcohol backgrounds; all rides are traceable. Average time between app request and pick is 1-5 minutes depending on location and time of day. Uber and Lyft are accessible from SFO, OAK, SJC (only Uber) and throughout San Francisco and Oakland.

Operational Instructions: Download the Uber or Lyft app to your iPhone or Android, and enter a valid phone number and credit card details. When requesting a ride, open the app, verify GPS has correctly pinned you in the right location, tap to "Request a Driver," wait curbside in a safe location. The app will show the driver's name, past rating by past passengers, and photos of the driver and their car. After the ride is complete, payment is made through the app and a rating of your ride is required.

$20 Promotional Code for first time users: NN739
Offers luxury cars for a higher cost (SFO – Downtown):
Uber SUV $85
Uber Black $65
UberX $28-35

Economical ridesharing where drivers utilize their own car. Locate car by a "U" logo attached to the front/rear window.

Need more help using Uber?

$20 Promotional Code for first time users: COURTNEY147432
Must activate code prior to requesting a ride

through Facebook Connect required to ensure accountability & safety

Locate car by pink and white "lyft" logo attached to the front/rear window. Passengers are encouraged to ride in front. It is inappropriate for either party to ask for contact information - a temporary phone number is issued until the end of the ride. Note: paying less than the suggested donation amount may filter and exclude available drivers that do not accepts passengers with a donation history less than the suggested amount. Rating a ride with less than 3 stars will automatically block the driver from receiving a future request.

Need more help using Lyft?